Walking along the Rails, Pulling it up by my Bootstraps

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Who I am:

I'm a geeky, sci-fi-loving, wannabe Trekkie. I love taking walks or runs in the woods, reading or coding with a nice glass of wine, craft beer or smooth coffee on a warm patio, travel, friendly faces, my family and technology.

In no particular order, I've been described by friends, family, and clients as:

"Pathologically Friendly"
"The Optimist"
"Strange, but that's ok!"
"...[an]Enthusiastic, self-motivated, inquisitive, and agile thinker."

I would describe myself as intense, curious and Very Interested in just about anything.

What I do during the day, and sometimes well into the night:

Focusing on Full Stack development with Rails and a background in Wordpress, I delight in working with others on problem solving, integrating, and creating simple, beautiful, functional sites.

I'm currently interested in Gestalt Design and am learning Angular JS in my spare time. What can I say? I'm a slacker!

I am also interested in educational design for a proactive STEAM education pipeline, as well as gender parity and retention in STEAM fields.

I have been the Logistics Coordinator for the Arthritis Walk in Austin, and continue to volunteer for that.

In several past lives, I have been a Software Implementation and Training Consultant, Nurse, Opera Singer and Aspirational Runner.

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